Wine cellar

Inside the Nikis Resort, together with the restaurant, a wine shop was born, fruit of the passion for the wines of the Maitre de Mason Matteo Caponetti and the expert Mrs. Ludovica Zichichi.

You will find the best Umbrian excellences, whose labels have been chosen after a careful selection and visit of all the producers to learn about their stories and philosophies to pass on at the table or to those wishing to buy bottles to go, all listed in our encyclopaedic selection of wine, which also includes wines from all regions of Italy and beyond.

At the Nikis Resort, you can also book wine tastings with our Sommelier Francesco Giammarella, who will accompany you in style and taste to discover the flavours of the Umbrian territory accompanied by finger food from the chef and Sous Chef Emanuele Di Fonso.

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